Lessons From An Italian Restaurant

My parents aside, during my formative years, the divorced couple I was most familiar with was Brenda and Eddie from Billy Joel’s Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.  I’ve always loved that song.  There are many attributes of the couple that I whole-heartedly admire:

  • They were once crazy in love.  And they admit it.
  • They pay each other genuine compliments.
  • They tried to make a go of it.
  • They didn’t point fingers to explain their breakup.
  • They had faith in each other after the separation.
  • They grew individually as they went their separate ways.
  • Years later, they can still meet for dinner.
The song was a huge hit.  Why don’t more couples strive to be like Brenda and Eddie?

One comment on “Lessons From An Italian Restaurant

  1. That was cool Tara, I’ve always loved that song.

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