Game Review: Do Tell

I heard about the game Do Tell (The Family Version) on an episode of The Stepmom Connection.  After Heather’s testimony about how the game helped her gain insight into her stepchildren’s minds, I decided to buy it.  So far, I’m glad I did.

Boyfriend and I took last week off and spent it with the boys.  For the first half of the week, we stayed at the beach and the last few days were spent at home doing the daytrip/staycation thing.  During our time together, we played Do Tell twice.

Playing the game is simple: you roll a die, move your piece and play a car associated with the space you land on.  Sometimes you have to “do” something, such as hop like a kangaroo or imitate a family member.  Sometimes you have to “tell” something, like what makes you anxious or which family rule you’d like to change.

While I hoped the game would be fun for the boys, I didn’t have any expectations about how much I might enjoy it.  Lucky for me, all of us laughed a lot.  I thoroughly enjoyed Drake’s impersonation of his father first thing in the morning (stumble to the kitchen for coffee, then turn on music).  And it was hugely therapeutic for me to imitate Josh’s impatience during the game (he was driving me crazy until it became something we could laugh about). 

 Amidst all the laughter, there’s also an opportunity for meaningful conversation.  The first time around the board, we played to finish and didn’t veer off course… but the second time we made a rule that it was OK to ask questions about the things other people said. Through such discussion, we dug a little deeper, forged a better understanding and (hopefully) some stronger bonds.  We touched on a few difficult topics (respect, fear, anger, conflict), but each of us moved his/her piece to the “finish” spot with a smile.

Overall, I’m impressed with the way this game is able to balance the funny with the fretful.  It’s a difficult dance to perfect, especially in a blended tribe.  I’d recommend this to any family who wants to share some laughs and get a little closer in the process.


2 comments on “Game Review: Do Tell

  1. Lori says:

    Game sounds cool, but more interesting – check out – a blog written by divorced parents together. I love it. I love how they are so blatantly honest saying things like “I hated my wife” and “Doing something for him for Father’s Day wasn’t possible the first years” etc. They are just honest about the progression of their relationship as divorced parents.

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