Free Teleclass Featuring… Me!

I’m excited to announce that Laura Weisbart Campbell has asked me (and Meredith too!) to join her for a free teleclass on March 23 at 9pm ET.

Laura is the founder the The D Spot, a web site devoted to helping women navigate the path of divorce.  As a divorce coach and author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete, Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Financial and Personal Divorce, she is passionate about guiding individuals towards a new and better life following the end of a marriage.  It’s no surprise, I’m a big fan of her attitude and her efforts.

Laura’s teleclasses are scheduled monthly and she also offers a monthly “open call” to chat about whatever is on your mind.  If you’re in the Connecticut area, check out her upcoming retreat!  In addition to her services, Laura has an e-newsletter which you can subscribe to through her site.

I’m honored that Laura has requested my presence in her community.  I hope you can join us on March 23!

Number: 1-760-569-0800

Access code: 379361#


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