Residential Evolution: 90% Complete

As previously blogged about, we settled on our new house last Friday.  It was a rainy morning and Boyfriend and I got up early to have breakfast at our favorite little diner.  Settlement took place following our final walk-through and the deal was done before noon, at which time, the clouds parted and the sun peeked down at us.  We spent the afternoon moving boxes and furniture that came with the house.

Friday night, we brought the boys home.  They were elated to discover their separate bedrooms.  Josh was especially gleeful as he laid on his bed and kicked his feet in the air, exhilarated by the freedom of his own personal space.  As a room-warming gift, I gave each of them a poster to decorate their new walls:  Led Zeppelin for Drake and this one for Josh.  They seemed pleased, but the highlight of their evening was when they discovered that there are 7 (seven!!) children living next door, all happy to have new playmates.

Friday night, we carried a dish of smoldering sage from room to room to cleanse the energy around us.  Each of the boys smudged his own room and they worked together to smudge their bathroom.  Instead of eating pizza in our new dining room, as previously planned, we escaped the moving mayhem chowed downmo at a local pizza shop.

Saturday we rented a box truck and transported the rest of our furniture.  Boyfriend and I did all the heavy lifting ourselves with minimal crying (guilty.) and minimal damage to our belongings (I have small hands, sometimes things like TVs slip out of them).  Saturday night, following the cub scout awards dinner, we indulged in another home solidification exercise:  we gathered at the table, around the new housewarming candle, each with a glass of “merlot” (regular grape juice in wine glasses for the boys).  We lit the candle and each read a poem, blessing or prayer about “home”.  Then we toasted and played rummikub until bedtime.

Sunday the boys invested  more time in getting to know their new friends while Boyfriend and I continued our “work”.  Before taking Drake and Josh back to their mom, we ate dinner at the table in our new dining room.  It was a nice light ending to a very heavy weekend (for the adults anyway).

Now that most of the move is complete, we can focus on that last 10%: moving leftovers from the old house and emptying our 10 x 20′ storage unit.  I think it will probably be another month or two before Boyfriends pinball machines are migrated and set up to play.  Right now, we’re settled enough that we can relax and enjoy the new space… so that’s what we plan to do 🙂


…Oh, remember when I mentioned the bay window where I was going to put the ashes of our beloved bully boy?  It turns out Bully Girl likes that window too (more for the sunshine than the view).  Here she is chillin’ with her brother’s box…


7 comments on “Residential Evolution: 90% Complete

  1. jobo says:

    YAY! And I love the dog picture in the window. SO cute.

  2. I’m moving now too. We move day after tomorrow. Nice to know you are all settled:) Great pic of your dog:) I think our dog is going to like his new backyard. Congratulations!

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  4. MTFFH says:

    What a great beginning to a new home. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be for the boys to have their own room! I am thoroughly jealous of that alone!

    Good luck and may you have many happy and endearing memories in your new abode!

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