Reflection: She Said/She Said, Part 1

So far, I’m really enjoying my project with Meredith.  Our initial posts have generated some valuable conversation and highlighted many perspectives on the issue.

I should tell you that when I wrote my reaction, I was unaware of Meredith’s exact experience.  I only knew that her ex neglected to provide his babysitter with her contact information.  I should also note that she and I did not share our thoughts prior to constructing our posts- we simply wrote what we felt.  I think it worked out well.

I wasn’t surprised by what Meredith had to say.  I’ve been in my own situation long enough to recognize the sense of priority that mothers feel in matters pertaining to their children.  Given her reaction, I still don’t think I’d change much about my ownexcept to remove my comment about the couch, which was poorly executed due to my own unstated expectations regarding the matter. I continue to believe that Dad’s partner should be granted some level of authority/responsibility, but Mom should always be notified in the case of extreme emergencies.  The one thing that became crystal clear is that Mom and Dad should talk about these things- preferably before an incident occurs.  Surprises such as this aren’t fun.  And terms like “emergency” need to be clearly defined.

I’m grateful for all the comments we received as they helped me to realize the multitude of attitudes beyond my own scope.  I learned that every situation is different, every person has his/her own expectations and there are no easy solutions… even when the situation appears to be a simple one.  Furthermore, there’s a definite difference between The Problem and one’s emotional reaction to The Problem- and a varying approach is necessary to deal with each.

Thank you to everyone who participated and/or followed along!  She Said/She Said, Part 2 is scheduled to take place next Tuesday.


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