Book: The 40-Year-Old Version

I was lucky enough to win Joel Schwartzberg’s The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad during a broadcast of the CoParenting Matters blog talk radio show.

I recently read this collection of “humoirs” (I love original words!).  It didn’t take long- just a few evening sessions.  And that’s Item #1 that I loved about this book: it’s a quick read.  For the busy parent with just a few minutes to spare, this is an easy one to pull out, turn a few pages, have a laugh, reflect and then get back to life.

Oh… wait, did I say “quick read” was the thing I loved most?  Can I change my answer?  My other favorite facet of this book is that it was written by a dad.  So many of my divorce books (especially the fun ones) were penned by women.  So, here’s one for the guys.  Yay!  And it’s not about some dude using his newfound freedom to fistpump his way into the pants of non-grenade DTF chicks.  Double yay!

Although the title leads us to believe that the book is all about being a divorced dad, that’s not the case.  This could be a letdown or a nicety, depending on one’s perspective.  The topics range from Mr. Schwartzberg’s childhood experiences through his current “Dadurday” lifestyle with his children and second wife.  It’s truly entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

Lotsa laughs… lotsa lessons… lotsa life… check it out!


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