Friendly Reminder: Safe Sex

I once wrote a post which suggested sunglasses are a good gift for someone going through a divorce.

Here’s another one:  condoms.

One of the most liberating facets of divorce is that phase where one exercises his/her ability to slut it up.  It’s different for everyone of course… some merely exchange flirty glances at the water cooler while others get it on in bar bathrooms and backseats.  Some turn to previous partners and some revel in the territory of Random Hookups.

I recently read an article about the rise in STDs among the more mature segment of our species.  While reading it, I was reminded of a conversation I had several months ago with a friend of mine (a member of said segment) who recently began dating again after her divorce.

“It’s so simple,” she told me.  “I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant… It makes everything so much easier!”

As any teenager can probably tell you:  pregnancy is the LEAST of your concerns when it comes to exchanging bodily fluids.

So… if you find yourself single, or know someone else who is, invest in a box of love gloves (omg, did I just call them that??).  I’ve found the selection process to be rather amusing (confession: I love condom shopping.  Did you know they make them in the shape of dolphins?).  There are many different choices!  … and you can buy them online if you’re embarrassed to be seen reading all the colorful labels in the drugstore. 😉


One comment on “Friendly Reminder: Safe Sex

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    Divorce does have a way of reducing one’s inhibitions as well as their ability to make sound judgement calls especially when it comes to well, you know.

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