Story From The Street

Last night, my sister had a consultation with a personal trainer.  When she arrived at the gym, there was a man standing outside the door, finishing up a phone call.  As Sister approached, he asked “are you here to see Trainer?”

“Yes,” Sister replied.

“I’m her business partner,” the man said, extending his hand.  Then he laughed and added, “Actually, I’m her ex-husband.  But we still run the business together.”

Hurray for exes who can still work together!


3 comments on “Story From The Street

  1. Heather H says:

    Love when people share these stories. Positive co-parenting is possible and it is such a blessing for the kids and the adults involved.

    Kuddos to your sister’s trainer and her ex and to you for sharing the story.

  2. Chandi says:

    well, I can’t exactly join the ranks of “exs who feel positive about their ex”… I just left my home of 11 years because it’s not healthy any longer for me to be around my ex.

    Thanks for your blog, I’ve been enjoying your posts.

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