Massage Day

Today was Massage Day.  Actually, it didn’t last all day… just an hour, after work.  But I looked forward to it all day.

Before I got divorced, “massage” to me meant that I would rub my husband’s feet (with lotion!) while we watched television.  Ah, but that was a long time ago- more than 4 years, in fact.

I got my first massage in October of 2007 and have been regularly treating myself ever since.  I’ve had the standard “relaxation” massage, the “therapeutic” massage, the “lomi lomi” massage, the mechanical kind that happens inside one of those egg-like capsules… and reflexology too.  For next time, I booked myself a “thai” massage.

While I recognize the importance of making monetary adjustments following a separation/divorce, I also realize how crucial it is to be good to yourself.  Which is why my monthly massage has taken the place of my monthly haircut (and I do my own mani/pedis).  The relaxing/rejuvenating effects of touch therapy make the split ends a little more tolerable (until they’re not tolerable. In which case, I take a trip to the salon).  IMO, it’s well worth the sacrifice.

Lesson #Q43:  Don’t forget to pamper yourself.  Just a little.


6 comments on “Massage Day

  1. Oh, my. I just returned home from mine and the entire ride back was thinking, “I MUST write a post about this and how utterly necessary it is during and post-divorce!” Worlds collide again….

  2. backonmyown says:

    I keep trying to convince myself to get a massage. It’s so personal! All my friends love them. You’ve pushed me one step closer. One of these days….

  3. Debbie says:

    I agree whole-heartedly. At the beginning of my divorce I could barely make ends meet while paying attorney’s fees, all the household expenses and not getting child support. It was a gradual process, but 5 years later I am in such a better place. Finding the thing that pampers you really helps. For me it is pedicures and getting my house cleaned. Both things really improve my quality of life!

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