Vacation Time :)

It’s vacation season!

Drake and Josh are currently in the midst of their Annual Two Weeks With Dad.  This week they’re attending day camp where they’ve learned water safety, wilderness survival, kayaking, climbing, zip-lining and paintballing.  They’ve also honed their skills at making friends, eating ice cream and catching frogs.

We’re lucky.  The camp is reasonably priced and relatively close to our house.  It’s easy enough for me and Boyfriend to alternate the pick-up/drop-offs on our way to/from work.  We also have family in coastal places which makes for inexpensive beach trips.  We plan to spend next week frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean, accommodations courtesy of Boyfriend’s parents.  “Spending money” courtesy of our change jar, which hasn’t been cashed in since last summer.

Vacations are stressful enough for an “intact” (I hate that word!) family.  When parents are separated, Mom/Dad often face double the stress with half the fund$.  Oh, and sometimes there’s also that element of Vacation Competition which can rear its ugly head.  I’ll never forget the time Josh told us that he was going to have a better vacation with his mother because she was taking them to a hotel with maid service.

Alternatives to Disney World include camping, lower-scale amusement parks, group trips with friends/family and the stay-cation.  All of which can be equally entertaining if approached with a healthy attitude and responsible wallet.

What are your vacation plans?  Or alternative-to-vacation plans?  How do you deal with The Competition (if it’s an issue)?  Do you involve the kids in the planning/saving process?  How do you maximize the enjoyment on a minimized budget?


2 comments on “Vacation Time :)

  1. MoosMamma says:

    Oh… the competition… As soon as I read that line… I could relate…
    My ex feels like he needs to compete with me. I don’t engage him in it.. I think its sad… and I suppose he is trying to compensate for… something. He even goes so far as to call our child in the middle of the week (which he does not normally do)… just to say.. “guess where daddy’s taking you? ” And then will proceede to tell her about some fantastical place he’s going to take her. And so goes the rest of my week… plagued with… ‘when am i going to daddy’s mommy?” Or my all time favorite… is when he picks her up from my house and says.. “so what did you and mommy do this week?” and when she tells him… all proud and excited he responds with “is that it?”… I have learned to come to terms with it… I confront him on the rude behaviours like that and attempt to explain how that makes her feel… and have come to learn that the older she gets… the harder it will be for him to keep this up…I refuse to compete… I can spend quality time with my daughter… going for walks together and playing at the park and beach… will provide just as much of a lasting and loving experience as going to the amusement park 5 times in one summer!

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