To Laugh Or Not To Laugh?

Truth be told, much of my passion has been devoted to alternate writing ventures this week.  Therefore, I’m relying on the work of others to satisfy my self-set post quota.

Here’s a divorce-themed parody of “David After The Dentist“.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…


5 comments on “To Laugh Or Not To Laugh?

  1. jolene1079 says:

    I saw this awhile ago and I laughed…hard. But, I’m so far beyond my own divorce, that it IS funny 😉

  2. Mandy says:

    I also have a self-imposed posting schedule and usually agonize and stress if my schedule looks like I’m not going to meet it. But I’m trying to accept that flexibility is a good thing … if I miss a post, I don’t get complaints from either my readers or my children … the latter being the usual benefactors of the time. I also believe that posts written in haste are not as good those written when I have more time and a clear, focused mind.

  3. duchessdi says:

    ‘Bitter sweet’.. that’s why one will be torn between whether to laugh or to cry…

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