Ring Thing

Saturday, Boyfriend and I went to the local home improvement store to obtain some PVC pipes.  We picked two off the shelf (the least dirty and most accessible) and headed toward the checkout line.  I was at one end of the pipes and he at the other.  We were both using just one hand, two fingers per tube.  The arrangement didn’t last long for me and I needed to stop and adjust my holding pattern.  “My fingers are smaller than yours,”  I told Boyfriend.  “I can’t keep holding them like that.”

“You and your small fingers,” he said.  “I think they’re defective.  You should send them back.”

I laughed.  “My fingers are just fine,”  I told him.  “It’s not like they need to hold any rings.”

Or should they?

After we exited the store, I checked my email and discovered that my sister had sent me a link to this article about divorce rings.  It was the second time I encountered media mention of the phenomenon over the past few weeks.  It seems some women are opting for a new kind of bling on the sacred finger:  a band with a gap in it to symbolize their divorce.

As the regular readers know, I’m all about celebrating divorce.  So I think it’s terribly awesome that some women are proud enough of their status that they want to physically modify the outward symbol of marital status.  Yay!  Somewhere I heard about women cutting and then filling their wedding bands with a different type of metal to signify the children through which they will always remain connected to their previously beloved.  Very cool.  Very creative!

I realized when I was about 13 that the ring finger of my left hand is actually the most attractive of my tiny fingers.  The nail bed is symmetrical (unlike the ring finger on my right hand), the knuckles aren’t too knobby (unlike my middle fingers) and the finger is totally straight (unlike my pinkies).  So, yeah… I miss having an ornament to draw attention to this feature.  For some time following my divorce I contemplated purchasing a diamond ring for myself- something symbolic of my lifelong commitment to me.  But, truth be told, I’m not a jewelry girl and I didn’t want to spend the money on diamonds when I could instead purchase a kayak, a surfboard and snowboarding gear.

The rings offered by D Jewelry Co do not feature pricey diamonds and are therefore less expensive (perfect for the divorced budget).  But I have another personal turnoff:  the gap.  For me, it’s just not practical… I can see myself snagging it on things all the time and that would be annoying.  So I won’t be purchasing one.

Love the idea, though!  Is anyone else considering a ring?  Or other divorce gift for yourself?


4 comments on “Ring Thing

  1. Funny you should bring this up now. I am currently in the process of trying to design a right-hand ring for myself using the diamonds from my previous engagement ring and wedding band. I’ve got great stones to work with and really want to utilize them–don’t want to sell them because I want to keep them for kids’ future usage if they want ’em–but am having trouble designing something that doesn’t look overly “wedding-y.” I’m sure I’ll blog about it if and when I ever come up with something!

  2. jolene1079 says:

    I’ve written about this topic too..it’s something I mull, but just not a “divorce” ring, but a “me” ring. I dig it. We’ll see if I do it 😉

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