Divorce Begets Marriage

The more I immerse myself in “divorce”, the more I come across people who’ve “been there, done that” and are ready to tie the knot again.  Among other things, divorce gives us a chance to discover a new “happily ever after”.

My mom is currently engaged after being divorced for more than 15 years.  With the wedding less than two months away, she and her fiance ended their long-distance relationship this weekend when she moved a few hundred miles to live with him.  Yesterday afternoon she sent me a picture in a text message… this is what she saw upon her arrival:

Long story short:  I found this photo, given the scenario, to be quite moving.

Congrats Mom, Jessica and others who have found love again after divorce!

(And if you’re still planning the wedding, please consider my proposal for A Better Way To Wed.  I think my theory has real potential for a strong union… after the bruises fade…)


7 comments on “Divorce Begets Marriage

  1. Lauren says:

    Congratulations, TDE’s mom!! 🙂

    And I agree about the photo. I said “Awwwweee…” out loud when I saw it!

  2. Absolutely Awesome for your Mom. And absolutely awesome that you posted this amazing picture. It brought tears to my eyes !!!!

  3. That is so darn sweet. Love it! Looks like your mom picked a good one!

  4. […] of divorce, children of divorce, divorce, remarriage, step siblings I mentioned last month that my mom moved in with her husband-to-be.  I don’t think I mentioned the fact that he has a college-age daughter who lives at home.  My […]

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