The Downside of Independence

I looked at my house on Columbus Day 2006.  Boyfriend (then not a Serious Fixture in my life) and my father were both working, so it was just me and the real estate agent.  I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in the door.  From there, I zipped from room to room simply glancing around.  I noticed the skylights, the deck, the built-in entertainment center in the master bedroom, the nice light fixtures, the hardwood floors and the finished basement.  I could see the back yard from the deck, so I didn’t bother exploring it.  There was a fence around the perimeter and a smaller fenced area for a garden and there was a big shed.  Yay!  I was sold… after quickly viewing and dismissing two other houses, I went back to the realtor’s office and wrote an offer.

The home inspection went smoothly… another activity that happened while the rest of the world was at work.  I settled in November and couldn’t wait to show off the place to my family and friends.  My female friends were impressed by the same things that had impressed me upon my first visit.  My dad and boyfriend, on the other hand, had a different reaction.  Boyfriend pointed out the cracked ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor- no backer board had been used (upon further investigation, we discovered the tile had been placed over carpet).  He also pointed out the weird tile patterns in the corners… the extra mortar in places where a piece of tile should have been.  My dad was quick to point to the pile of wood behind the shed- scraps from all the work the previous owners had done to the house.

“That’s not good,” he told me.  “It’s laying against the outer wall of the shed and if you don’t remove it, your shed will rot.”

Who thought to look behind the shed?  Not me… I was looking at the skylights!

So this brings me to yesterday, when (after more than 3 years) Boyfriend and I finally moved all the scrap wood out from behind the shed.  While we were at it, we cleaned all the scraps from inside the shed.  (The previous owner saved everything!!) Tomorrow, some junk people are coming to give us estimates on how much it will cost to haul it away.  It’s going to cost a couple hundred bucks.

So… to sum this all up:  Lesson Learned:  Don’t get too caught up in the independence of the post-divorce era.  It’s worthwhile to obtain additional input.  Had I not been so “self-sufficient,” I probably could have saved a bit on the price of my house and/or at least not had to deal with the junk pile.


2 comments on “The Downside of Independence

  1. Andy Dwyer says:

    Clearly the lesson wasn’t learned. Makng an uninformed decision on purchasing a home has nothing to do with being too “self sufficient” or being caught up in post-divorce independence. Blaming your divorce for every poor decision that YOU make is kind of sad.

    The only lesson here is: Do proper research before making major purchases/important decisions.

    • I agree: that is the lesson. Perhaps I was not clear in my communication as I did not intend to “blame” the divorce for my decision. I take full responsibility for the choice I made and I’d like to caution others in similar circumstances against making the mistake that I did.

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