Stories From the Salon

I got my hair trimmed tonight.  It was a much-needed trip to the salon and I needed to get about 2 inches cut to get rid of all the damage I’ve done since my last visit… I think that was in October.  But this isn’t about my level of neglect for my mane.

While I was in the chair, I was participating in that typical salontalk with my stylist, Diane (not her real name, of course).  I told her all about Divorce Coach Training and the great books I’ve read about my favorite subject.  She told me about a client of hers who got divorced… the woman was married for decades and one day her husband announced he was leaving her for someone else.  It was devastating as this woman had only worked odd part-time jobs during the marriage and didn’t know how to support herself.  Diane recounted how helpless she felt at the time- her client’s life was in shambles and all she could offer her was a nice haircut.

“It was terrible,” she told me.  “I felt so bad for her.  I wished I could do something to help.”

But, that was then.  And now…

“She was in here not long ago,” Diane was beginning to smile.  “And she has really gotten her life together.”

I smiled too.  “She’s feeling better?”  I asked.

Diane’s eyes widened.  “She’s lost a lot of weight.  And she’s so happy now!  I think she was probably unhappy in her marriage but she didn’t realize it.  Now that she’s had the chance to start living for herself, she’s really blossomed.  And she looks great.”

These are my favorite kind of stories.  Reminds me of that George Strait song “She Let Herself Go” (not the official video).


One comment on “Stories From the Salon

  1. jolene1079 says:

    My favorite kind of stories too!! Great story 🙂

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