The Note

The most evil thing I did to my cheating husband was leaving a note for him on the refrigerator when I moved out…

A few weeks- maybe a month before our Separation Discussion, Mr. Ex went out for dinner with a friend of his.  He came home late to find me reading on the couch.

“So… um… you know Brandi Jackman*?” he asked me.

I looked up.  Eight years earlier, Brandi Jackman was the high school sweetheart of a friend of mine.  Well… she was, until he dumped her for me.  She hadn’t taken the news too well and for about a year there was a lot of just-out-of-high-school drama that finally faded when she relocated with her new boyfriend and we were separated by a body of water.

“Yeah,” I told Mr. Ex.  “How do you know her?”

“I met her tonight when I was out with Joe.  She and her friend were waiting for a table the same time we were and we started talking at the bar.  I told her where I was from… she asked if I knew you… I said you were my wife.”

“That’s funny!” I was laughing.  “What did she say?”

“She gave me her phone number,” He said and tossed a scrap of paper to me.

I picked it up and read it.


Call me sometime:  555-1234



Brandi  ♥

I found it rather hilarious as it appeared this chick was now making a move on my husband… payback?  I used the piece of paper to mark my page before closing my book for the night.

…Fast forward to moving day.  By this time, I knew about the Mistress.  Truly, I felt free and happy to be leaving.  I’d taken what was mine and left what was his and there was no destruction in the process.  I gathered up one last armful of odds and ends and saw that slip of paper sticking out of the book I read the month before.  In all honesty, it was his, wasn’t it?  I couldn’t steal it from him…

He called me the next day.  “What’s up with Brandi’s phone number on the fridge?” he sounded rather irritated.

“What?” I asked.  “It’s yours.  She gave it to you, so I left it for you.”

“Really?!?  Because Mistress wasn’t too happy to find it.”

“Oh,” I said.  “You told me you’d be coming home alone and sleeping on the couch.  How was I supposed to know?”

But, of course, I did know…

(*Names have been changed to protect privacy)


5 comments on “The Note

  1. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.

    Over a bed of lettuce.

    With a side of relish.

    Heh, heh.

    I’m glad you had an amicable separation. And, even so, I’m glad you managed a little parting shot for the cheater, anyway. 🙂

  2. tobeme says:

    Love how things come full circle and sometimes bite the appropriate people in the ass.

  3. Andy Dwyer says:

    Wow….sour grapes!

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