We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled…

… “Random Rantings of a Passionate Divorcee” to bring you the news that I have been tagged as recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award!  Twice!  I’d like to express my gratitude to Mandy at Since My Divorce and Lauren at My Life Incomplete for bestowing this honor upon me.

When Lauren wrote about the award, she recounted a curious scenario in which she was awarded the honor twice and each came with different rules.  Lauren wants to know, “Where did this award come from?”  I wouldn’t mind knowing the origin myself.  I’d also like to note that it seems a bit social-networky-applicationy-spammy… just a little bit.  The rules are that I have to tell you seven facts about myself and then pass on the award to seven new recipients (reminds me of a piece of mail I received in 1986 that began ‘this is a chain letter started by 6 kids in Germany…’)… seems it’s traveling awfully fast, right?  So everyone is going to get this award before too long, and then nobody will be special.

So… since Lauren got two versions of the same award, I don’t feel too bad inventing my own version as well.  I’ll tell you seven things, but I’m only going to pass this on to one person.  Here goes the seven facts about Yours Truly:

  1. I still don’t eat the crusts of sandwiches unless  I’m really hungry.
  2. I only eat hot dogs if they’re made by Ball Park and cooked over a campfire.
  3. I’m planning to get rid of my dresser and stack my clothes on shelves because I want to see all my jeans instead of having to dig for them.
  4. My favorite video game is the original Super Mario Bros. for old school Nintendo- it’s the only game I’ve ever beaten.
  5. I kinda miss 11th grade trigonometry.
  6. “George” is the name I’ve given my laptop-partner-in-blogging.
  7. I think groundhogs are adorable.

And now, I’d like to pass this award on to a fellow blogger who writes with wit, wisdom and (from what I can tell) honesty.  I’m happy to have discovered him out here in the blogosphere and I wish him the best in his upcoming endeavors… congrats, It Never Rains in Seattle!


3 comments on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled…

  1. Jolene says:

    Hi there! Reading your story over at SinceMyDivorce and am just starting to dig into your blog – love it so far. And love that you bestowed your award to INRIS – he’s awesome! 🙂

  2. […] First, there’s the Beautiful Blogger Award, which was so generously handed to me by The Divorce Encouragist. […]

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