Family Fun Time

I was twelve years old the first time I played Monopoly.  Even then I was amazed at the power the game had to bring people together.  I have lots of Monopoly Memories: playing with my parents and neighbors…a brutal game with my friends at my 18th birthday party (when SE passed all his money to WA under the table so he could quickly lose and go make out with SL)… purchasing spaceships in Star Wars Monopoly which I enjoyed with my 2nd long-haired boyfriend and his plump sidekick…

Boyfriend and I obtained a new Monopoly board sometime around Christmas of 2008 and we taught Drake and Josh how to play.  They loved it!  (And all the while they were learning to add, subtract and make business deals.) We played several times throughout 2009 until Boyfriend officially “got sick of it” in the fall and we hid the box.  For months, the boys have been begging to play again and we’ve denied their requests on the grounds of “not enough time”.  Last night we had dinner at my dad’s house and I brought a stack of games.  The boys were unfolding the Monopoly board before my Not-Stepmother had finished clearing the dinner dishes.  Drake and Josh ecstatically picked their pieces and then gleefully jumped about while I counted out piles of colorful cash for everyone.  As the game played out we laughed, sighed and used the opportunity to review some of Life’s Lessons Learned From Monopoly:

  • Sometimes snake eyes are lucky
  • Sometimes snake eyes are not lucky
  • Sometimes you’re willing to pay $1000 for a property worth 1/10 of that.
  • Hindsight is 20/20
  • Sometimes people are willing to give you a break
  • Sometimes you will be held accountable for every dollar you owe
  • Loans cost money

My dad should have won the game, but he felt guilty and handed all of his money over to Drake at the last minute.  Drake (who did not feel the least bit uncomfortable taking money for nothing) was so delighted that he began turning cartwheels in the living room.

…Quality time with my unconventional F-Word.  We couldn’t have had more fun at Disneyland.

Never underestimate the power of board games.


2 comments on “Family Fun Time

  1. I have always loved the idea of a family game night. We’ve tried such things in the past here at Casa Inris, and it’s always been fun… it’s something I hope to revive once the new and improved (ie, post divorce) Casa Inris comes into being.

    • The first time I spent any real amount of time with Drake and Josh, the four of us spent an afternoon putting puzzles together. One of the puzzles was a map of the world and when we were done, we examined the boys’ animal toys and put the animals in their native homelands. It was a lot of fun, we all worked together and it didn’t cost a cent!

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