How Do Kids Define the F-Word?

Today, a co-worker excitedly asked me if I subscribe to HBO.  I don’t.

She went on to tell me that she watched a Rosie O’Donnell program on HBO called “A Family Is A Family Is A Family”.  She said it was a great show and she thought of me right away when she saw it.  She told me there were lots of interviews with children asked to describe a family and they had heartwarming answers indicative of innocent, spacious and loving hearts.

So, I googled it.  I found an article from the New York Daily News which discussed the possible assertion that the program is simply gay marriage propaganda… but that’s not really what it’s about.  I couldn’t find any clips on YouTube…

I’m all about the F-Word.  I suppose I’ll need to do some further investigation and possibly barter for some couch time at the domicile of an HBO subscriber.

Has anyone seen this?  Any thoughts?  Any thoughts on how it relates to the evolution of families through divorce?


2 comments on “How Do Kids Define the F-Word?

  1. Lauren Forry says:

    I’m an HBO Subscriber. You’re more than welcome to watch it here.

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