The Onion News… New Marriage Law

I love this…


5 comments on “The Onion News… New Marriage Law

  1. Effing brilliant.

    I think I’m going to have to forward this link to my stbx.

    Hmph. I may even post this on my own blog. You subversive divorce encouragist, you.

  2. Brilliant. Unless you have a strong objection, I’m posting this on my blog (with due credit, of course). Thanks for the laugh today!

  3. After living in Minneapolis for 8 months and having to get back to LA asap, I loved the part about minnesota being a place with bland suburbs and endless buffet food restaurants available to fill the void in their loveless hearts. If only I knew that’s what I was doing while I was chowing down and living there with my then fiance, now my ex, it would have saved me years of aggravation! 😉

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