It’s Only Logical

If my job was not satisfying, the pay was lousy and my boss treated me poorly…. My mom would likely suggest I look for another job.

If my car broke down every 300 miles, leaked oil and was out of warranty…. My dad would want me to buy a new vehicle (as long as it’s a Chevy- preferably black).

If my aerobic workout put too much stress on my joints and left me feeling miserable for days afterward…. My doctor would probably recommend a new routine.

…Why not apply this same logic to bad marriages?


3 comments on “It’s Only Logical

  1. Samantha says:


    Another thing I thought to myself as I struggled with my decision to divorce or not, and then to not feel guilty about it was this:

    If my child was grown… and married… and, I knew that their marriage was like mine is/was… and I knew that they felt the same way that I have been feeling for years.. would I want them to stay in that situation? No. I wouldn’t. I would want them to be happy… and at peace with themselves and their lives. Why then, is it so hard for me to treat myself with that same courteousy and consideration… and love. ??

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