Refer to Your “Notes”

I just finished reading Jessica Bram’s book, Happily Ever After Divorce:  Notes of a Joyful Journey.  I found it to be a wonderfully uplifting collection of stories about life after divorce and the evolution of a family.  And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to read the entire book (although I highly recommend reading the entire book).  Each chapter stands alone and can be read/referenced at any time to provide a meaningful lesson, heartfelt smile and (most importantly) hope .

My favorite passage comes in the epilogue and sums up my own feelings superbly.  It is the message I hope to impart through this blog:

“Divorce is not the problem but the solution, when all else fails, to irreparable marital unhappiness.  Facing a divorce, calling a spade a spade, minimizing one’s losses, cashing in the chips when the alternative is to lose it all- whatever one wants to call it- is one of the most adult, responsible actions a person can take in life.” (p. 250)

…pass it on!


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