Today, I met a man who told me his Horrid Divorce Story- the typical male version (she ‘took him to the cleaners’).  But he survived!  And when it was all over, he proudly displayed his divorce decree at his office.   And then, he was asked to take it down.

Why???  If divorced people can’t show off the universal symbol of their status, then all those married people should leave their rings at home.  It’s only fair, right?


4 comments on “Discrimination?

  1. moschi says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Jessica Bram says:

    Love your web site and your philosophy. I’ve also been disagreed with by call-in radio guests when on the air talking about my book Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey. My divorce was the beginning of my best life ever.

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