My sister started driving a Buick a few weeks before I got married.  It was an older model and relatively gigantic.  We joked about being able to hide a body in the trunk.

At my bridal shower (I’ll save my opinions about these social atrocities for another day), the hostess passed around a notebook so all of my adoring guests could bestow their Words of Wisdom upon me as I plunged into marital bliss.  The book was filled with super little tips like “don’t go to bed angry” and “say ‘I love you’ every day.”  The page inked by my sister was the best.  She wrote, “Remember, I have a big trunk now.”

Oh yeah… the writing was on the wall way before the rings were exchanged.  What’s your sign?

(please note: this post is not meant to condone the bodily harm of anyone)


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